Monday, March 21, 2011

Rothschild Zionist Rupert Murdoch's Right Wing News Empire Just Took a Huge Blow in the Courts!!

Rupert Murdoch, aside from owning FOX News and the Wall Street Journal has also managed to scoop up a large portion of Britain's newspapers. Well, it ends up Murdoch's papers have been hacking the phones of the liberal politicians and using the info gleaned to chase them out of office, ruin their character, etc. Besides politicians they have been hacking phones of both the rich and the famous...including the Princes of England.

Rupert Murdoch has been able to keep things quiet with a few huge payoffs and by having many of the investigating policeman paid off by the newspapers by hiring them as writers, etc. Well, the whole mess is unraveling...details that the hacking by just ONE investigator might have tallied up to over 4000 people, several of Murdoch's top employees have been implicated up to the right hand man of the Conservative Prime Minister. But throughout this entire debacle one thing has kept Murdoch's papers safe...the police have refused to share the information that they discovered in this one investigator's house...'


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