Monday, March 21, 2011

Japan Crisis: 'There’s No Food, Tell People There is No Food’

The unshaven man in a tracksuit stops his bicycle on the roadside and glances over his shoulder to check that he is unobserved. Satisfied, he reaches quickly into the sludge-filled gutter, picks up a discarded ready-meal and stuffs it into a plastic carrier bag.

In another time, another place, Kazuhiro Takahashi could be taken for a tramp, out scavenging for food after a long night on the bottle. In fact, he is just another hungry victim of Japan’s tsunami trying to find food for his family.

“I am so ashamed,” says the 43-year-old construction worker after he realises he has been spotted. “But for three days we haven’t had enough food. I have no money because my house was washed away by the tsunami and the cash machine is not working".'


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  1. .....In the meantime, the worlds greedy snakes continue to slither around amassing wealth while people are hungry and have no food to eat.

    It's either that or they are off to bomb some parts of the world half to hell in order to loot and steal oil.

    Funny world we live in, isn't it?


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