Monday, January 10, 2011

Why Is Giffords Subscribed To Her Attacker Loughner's YouTube Channel??

See Giffords Youtube channel and the link here...

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  1. Just playing advocate here...

    So what if this Jared Lee Loughner maniac is found to be one of her subscribers? That information tells me nothing whatsoever, simply because he could have hacked her account and put himself there or got someone to hack her account.

    I use Youtube and while I am no programmer or coder, I can see when there is something fishy going on at times, and Youtube and Google sites are full of bugs.

    I have videos on my Youtube pagem, which are supposed to be private but people are still able to watch them and this is one of MANY bugs on that site.

    So, the assassin being on her page in subscribers means nothing, unless she physically added him, which I doubt. The woman is probably too busy to be going on Youtube to check her subscribers.

    My verdict is her Youtube page was most likely hacked. Nothing new there, even the Pentagon has been hacked, so anyone can be, in my opinion.


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