Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Al Gore’s Communist Connection

In his prepared remarks, Lewis touched on a matter that has attracted our interest in the past—Vice President Al Gore’s Communist connection. But Lewis didn’t put it that way. Instead, he referred to Al Gore and the “controversial” Armand Hammer, the late chairman of Occidental Petroleum. In fact, Hammer was a Soviet agent and money launderer for the Communist Party who helped Vice President Gore and his family become rich. Lewis explained how, personally and professionally, Gore still profits from Occidental largesse. “To this day”, Lewis said, “he still draws $20,000 a year from a land deal in Tennessee brokered between his father and Hammer. The total amount is more than $300,000. The personal relationship between young Gore and Hammer was very close throughout the 1980s, including trips on Hammer’s private jet and constant campaign contributions.” Lewis explained how the Energy Department in 1997 sold 47,000 acres of federal oil reserves to Occidental, after Vice President Gore, who has a reputation as a staunch environmentalist, recommended that the president give oil companies access to this land.'


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