Thursday, August 27, 2009

Obama the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing on Fabian Window Coat of Arms!

Touted as The Messiah, President Barack Hussein Obama is in above all else The wolf; a ravening wolf. And the wolf is panting on the doorstep of the Free World.

Obama is The Wolf that’s come to life from the Coat of Arms wolf in sheep’s clothing on the The Fabian Window, treasured symbol of the Fabian Society restored to display in the Shaw Library at the London School of Economics in 2006 after its disappearance by a mysterious theft in 1978.

The Fabian Society, top noted socialist organization, will celebrate the first-year of Obama’s election as a blueprint to usher in socialist government worldwide on November 7.

From the Fabian Society’s homepage: “As we approach the one year anniversary of Obama’s electoral victory, the Fabians plan to use this moment to hold a major half-day conference to discuss how we can create a progressive movement for change in Europe.” (See bottom of page.)

Speakers for the The Global Change We Need Conference include Foreign Secretary David Miliband MP, former Clinton White House Deputy Press Secretary Jennifer Palmieri; outgoing European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs Joaquin Aluminia; European Commissioner for Trade Baroness Catherine Ashton and former Prime Minister on Denmark and current PES President Poul Nyrup Rasmussen.”


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  1. The Global Change We Need...conference,
    l wonder if these gasbags have cottoned on to
    the Global Transformation conference l and ye shall find it cryptically.

    l wasn't born yesterday and l wasn't born for nothing, two can play this game, sneaky bleating snoops in wolfs clothing.
    H'T wore human clothing on his reptilian back as well as an Asp slithering in the neck of the woods on my path.

    Don't you love it when all these minions get together for WE.


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