Monday, April 04, 2011

Is Nobel Peace Prize Winner Obama More Brutal than Bush?

Bush is correctly regarded as a lying, war-mongering, torturing tyrant. Is Nobel peace prize winner Obama even worse?

Many governments, U.S. congressmen and other individuals have demanded that Obama return his Nobel peace prize for bombing Libya without congressional approval.

Bush got us into 2 wars to protect our strategic national interests in ... er ... broccoli. Obama just got us into a third war for the same reason. Bush's decision to invade Iraq was met with large protests. Similarly, most Americans didn't want Obama to get involved in Libya.

The Bush administration funded terrorist groups (and see confirming articles here and here). Obama is allegedly funding terrorist groups in Iran, and is now aiding the Libyan "rebels", even though there are allegations that 1,000 of them are Al Qaeda radicals (and there are some indications that their leader is a CIA asset).



  1. President Obama Loses His Nobel Peace Prize!!!
    After so much vigorous debate over President Obama's worthiness to even receive the Nobel Peace Prize so early in his presidential career, his surge in Afghanistan and now his latest actions in Libya, many have been calling for President Obama to return his Nobel Peace Prize now. Previous responses from the President made it clear he was not going to return the Nobel. It seems however there was only one very special person who was able to convince President Obama to relinquish his Nobel Peace Prize.

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