Thursday, March 17, 2011

Everything is OK with The Census: Danny Shine


  1. Continued from previous post beforehand....

    A continuation from my last post about my experience in the House of Attitudes with bloodline Huw Thomas.

    Last Saturday my sister Roslyn Davies, Mum and l went for dinner at Sams Boat Shed Restauant in Willamstown 3016 Vic Australia.
    When my sister parked her car on the corner of a house at Cecil and Cole street Williamstown l knew we had to walk past bloodline Huw's household to get to Sams Boat Shed Restauarant across from the Thomas household in Nelson Place, l hadn't walked pass the Thomas household personally for years because l'd only passed by his parents house as a passenger in a car with my brother Glen driving.
    As we walked down towards Huws parents house from Thompson Street l noticed a ladder outside of Huws parents home and as we got closer l pointed it out to my Mum and my sister Roslyn.
    Passing by l noticed Huws older brother atop the ladder working on something on the exterior of A,B,C...its as easy as....LA LA LA, Nelson Place......get what l mean :)

    Huws brother stood atop the ladder and as l passed by l said brazenly 'Hello' in a cheeky way and then he looked down from the ladder for a second....Ha.


    "Steevin can l come in at night when Heath is not around and hang out with you"

    It had been two weeks since the first moment l saw bloodline Huw walk up to the front door of Attitudes Restaurant then stand calling for his friend Heath, the apprentice chef/cook on the night of the 29/01/2000.

    During that two weeks Huw was to come by each night and while waiting for Heath to finish his duties he would sit with me while l also waited for Heath to finish for the night, thats how l slipped into something more comfortable after the cosy comfort l felt around the two British tourists Sara and Jamie had left after their departure from Williamstown to England on the 19/01/2000.

    Continued below tis comment

  2. "Steevin, can l come in at night and hang out with you when Heath isn't around" bloodline Huw said to me two weeks later after the 29/01/2000.

    Secretly l, Huw wants to hang out with little ol' me, in Attitudes Restaurant at night!....ME!, l couldn't wait.

    Yeah if you want to Huw l don't mind l said, but l have to keep it secret though because l'm just the cleaner here and l'm not suppose to allow anyone in Attitudes while l'm in charge after hours.

    l kept it a guarded secret during those first few weeks when l allowed Huw Thomas permission to hang out with me at night in Attitudes Restaurant, not even my twin brother Glen knew.

    l remember the first night Huw came in at night with his brother, the one l saw up the ladder in the previous comment.

    He and Huw sat on a leather chesterfield couch facing the one l sat on between the coffee table in Attitudes that night, l've forgotten his name however not his face.
    We chatted small talk so l don't remember what was said that night and it was the only time a member of his bloodline family spoke with me other than Huw.

    Over the incoming weeks Huw had settled into this secret arrangement we had at night between us and he was to say to me one night "Your gonna met my parents".

    l thought "what for?...what would they want to see me for?".....l mean, it was odd enough that Huw was coming by each night yet l didn't see it that way, however l worried that others would see it strange, me the cleaner, and my young companion Huw visiting me at night in Attitudes....innocently.

    continued next time.

  3. Shit got it wrong on the first comment!.....

    Cecil and Thompson street.


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