Tuesday, March 15, 2011

British Jobseekers Face Mandatory Work

Those seeking employment in Britain can face compulsory placements for temporary work activity or face fines according to “radical” new welfare regulations.

Based on proposals to reform the welfare system, the government is to give the power to Jobcentre Plus advisors to assign four-week mandatory work activity to job seekers, who are believed to need a taste of the “habits and routines” of working life.

Those obliged to do the temporary work will have to do it for up to 30 hours a week while they continue to look for employment.'


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  1. Personally, I think people working in Jobcentreplus need to match jobs up with the candidate.

    I mean you have so called Graduates working on £6 an hour. What bullshit is that? May as well not have a worthless degree then.

    Anyway, Jobcentreplus staff need to be more like recruitment consultants, they have all the jobseekers details and I am sure it is easy for them to match the job to the jobseeker, in a sensible manner.

    That's what I think anyway, and what I have always thought.


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