Thursday, March 17, 2011

Egypt's ElBaradei: Con-man in Chief?

Mohamed ElBaradei has recently announced he will be running for president in a move that should surprise no one. For nearly a year the corporate owned media has been building up ElBaradei, portraying him as the great hope for Egypt. Foreign Affairs magazine, in March 2010, literally printed an article titled, "Is ElBaradei Egypt's Hero?"

With Mubarak now out of office the corporate owned media circus has left town, but the globalist take-over in Egypt is just warming up. US International Crisis Group trustee Mohamed ElBaradei has spent over a year prying his way into Egyptian politics, landing in Cairo not at the beginning of the recent unrest, but all the way back in February 2010. He was met by the US State Department trained and supported April 6 Youth Movement and Google executive Wael Ghonim. Over the next year they campaigned together for the November 2010 elections, built up the "National Front for Change," and prepared for the protests the globalists had been designing since at least 2008.'


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