Monday, December 06, 2010


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  1. In the first year l meet bloodline Huw [2000], he was in his last year of school in the education system, he was almost 17 and went to a private boys school in the suburb of St Kilda, l think, not sure.
    A couple of times at night when he came to see me at Attitudes he brought along his electric guitar, amp and wah wah peddle to play for me.
    He had told me that he had been learning guitar for awhile and wanted my opinion on his playing
    to see what l thought, well l don't play guitar or anything musical, just CDs.
    Anyhow he started his little concert with the familiar riff of a Hendrix track, it was Voodoo
    Child, l thought he was really good but then again anything Huw did was well...he just had that X factor to me secretly.
    He played Voodoo Child then played Voodoo Child again l said don't you know another song so he played Purple Haze, then returned to Voodoo Child again.
    It was the only song he seemed to know really, perhaps he was refering to himself secretly using the sound of music.

    l have him on camcorder tape playing Voodoo Child in his dungeon of a bedroom wearing his school uniform with the school emblem on the breast pocket, also playing in the music room of the school he attended too.
    This came about when he loaned my camcorder to take on a skiing trip that he went on in middish 2000.

    The first time he filmed himself playing guitar he never showed his face and l told him to film it again this time showing his face as well.
    This he did and it's the only footage l have of him so l'm glad l told him to do so.
    He ends with an Elvis imitation of "Thank you very much".


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