Wednesday, December 08, 2010

S.Africa: Detailed Analysis: 2010: Collapsing into a Failed State (Exactly As Planned)

I received this from a regular supporter in Nambia who laid his hands on this July 2010 analysis. This is detailed. Some years ago I published an analysis by Dr Du Plessis called, "South Africa: Beyond Democracy". When I last spoke to Dr Chris Jordaan a few years ago prior to his death, he told me that all the indications were that by 2010 South Africa would become a failed state. We are now in 2010 and Dr Du Plessis is basically telling us that we are pretty much there - except Government is hiding it.

What is also interesting and scary (and this explains why Julius Malema of the ANC Youth League is on his communist/nationalisation moves - to seize all the mines); is how the Black Population has gone backwards in terms of employment, health, education, etc. In short, most of black society has imploded to crisis levels and that society is now dependent on incredibly large handouts from just a few million tax payers. It is the collapse of black society which is now bringing blacks to the madness of wanting to seize mines and farms and to implement more socialism on a massive scale... and Julius Malema might just be the voice of the impending madness. My own viewpoint is that Malema might well be the President of this country within 10 years... and he will be our Mugabe.'


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