Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Bird Flu Hoax and Martial Law

A Bird Flu pandemic could be the clincher to institute Martial law in the United States, and create chaos around the World. There is much evidence that the Bird Flu is a hoax.
There is a person called Dr. True Ott that states the Bird flu (H5N1) is the 1918 flu repackaged. The 1918 Flu Pandemic killed mostly people between the ages of 18 and 36. Think about a bio-weapon that can target that age group — this is your armed forces ages. I believe, after listening, and watching and reading the material cited in this blog that this is a very serious possible scenario.

If this does materialise, it will allow George W. Bush (future Presidents) to declare martial law under (NSPD 51, HSPD 20) and the Patriot Act. In addition, the Posse Comitatus Act of June 16, 1878 was reversed on October 17, 2006 by Bill 5122 (sponsored by John Warner). Now our government can use our own Military against “We The People”.

Note from Dr A. True Ott: “It appears that the 1918 Spanish Flu virus has been weaponized and injected into hundreds of thousands of individuals (i.e. military personnel) with 300 million vaccinations stockpiled for the rest of America. The virus’ RNA has been modified, and the virus now can be activated in vivos by means of specific Hz frequencies. Which brings us to the ‘Sound of Silence’ technology…” (December 16, 2008. Excerpt, see the full thread here.)


Dr. Otts Presentation On The Bird Flu Hoax

Part 1

Part 2

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  1. So this new "pig flu" is the hoax described here right?

  2. The most frightening thing I have ever heard

  3. Thank you for posting this.

    I was sitting with Dr. Ott on Saturday 20090815. He showed me the source documents on the virus that is being put into the vaccine. This is a dead virus, it cannot spread by air, only by fluid contact. It's in the vaccine for the "swine flu."

    While we were sitting there the news broke from the British that 25 in the control test group had already died.

    Is it possible to avoid any flu, especiallly the swine flu? YES! Be healthy! Eat lots of greens, take your vitamins & minerals, get sleep and exercise. Breathe lots of oxygen!

    We haven't had a flu shot more than 10 years, and never been sick either. When they have a flu and they create a vaccine, they have admitted they do not know what flu to "prevent" so they give you a smattering of several recent ones...which does no good!

    Vaccines are a joke...avoid being a test guinea pig. Take your health seriously.


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