Tuesday, November 04, 2008

US Is Funding Iran's Nuclear Program

CNN carried a report that the US is funding the Iranian Nuclear program via two Russian Institutes.

The US Energy Secretary stated that the Busher reactor is for peaceful purposes of power generation which directly contradicts the State departments position that Busher is being used to ramp up Nuclear weapons development.

See how CNN put this oversight down to incompetance but in my opinion it is obvious that the duality of the Bush, and previous administrations in it's well documented history of funding of both sides to create and sustain problems that it can then provide a solution to has come to light once again!

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  1. When was this newscast?I know the media is worse than useless - but you would think that we would all be aware of this somehow? Thank goodness the internet keeps track - sadly though, there is so much to wade through, we end up with information overload.

    I find myself telling people things and constantly hearing 'But surely we would know that if it was true'...I understand their disbelief, it is a perpetual state of mind these days.

    Tina Louise
    Arms Against War


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