Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Potential Rerun Of Operation Ajax

The scene is a London townhouse near Victoria. The heir to the throne of Iran, the eldest son of the late Shah, is holding court before a small audience of Iranian exiles and Middle East analysts crowded into the living room. It is a far cry from the sumptuous palaces of his father in Tehran, now transformed into museums by the Islamic Republic. But Reza Pahlavi (who answers to both "Your Majesty" and Mr Pahlavi), is plotting his return to the land he was forced to leave as a teenager when the 1979 revolution brought militant Shiism to power.

His strategy: to use the internet to link Iranians inside and outside the country and – with the help of international pressure – secure regime change.

Mr Pahlavi recognises that the bitter memories of his father's rule, during which thousands of Iranians were imprisoned and killed by the Shah's notorious secret police, the Savak, have eclipsed his legacy. But although there may be residual nostalgia for the secular and modernising Shah, his 48-year-old son remains an unknown quantity.

The wealthy US-based businessman seems remote from the concerns of the average Iranian and demonstrations that he organised in the past were harshly repressed.

Mr Pahlavi, who concentrated in the past on rousing the Iranian diaspora, is now placing his hopes in the young generation which makes up 70 per cent of the Iranian population. "We need to discover the new generation, the children of the revolution," he argues.


Operation Ajax

Shades of 1953

I refer to this report in 2007 where President Bush authorised the spending of millions of dollars to to mount a covert "black" operation to destabilize the Iranian government.

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A speech in Congress in 2007 by Congressman Jim McDermott warns that the Bush administrations intentions are very clear .

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So here we have a covert black ops by the US government in Iran to destabilise the Iranian government, the US government climbing down over the invasion of Iran and advocating diplomatic negotiation and The Shah of Iran's son stating his intentions to create a regime change in Iran with the help of 'International pressure'

We already know the cabal always have favoured using tried and trusted methods to achieve their goals.

So is all of this just a coincidence?

In my book their isn't any such thing.

A rerun of Operation Ajax?

Judge for yourself!


  1. This Reza Pahlavi, the grandson of Reza Khan, the soldier who overthrew Ahmad Shah Qajar lacks any integrity or credibility inside Iran. Whatever he says now is falling on deaf ears, as far as the majority of Iranians, whether in or out of the country are concerned, barring a very small minority who reminisce of their old Iran how an old man would his youth.

    The reality of the situation is that any attempt to repatriate this family back to Iran by force will turn out to be a bloodbath, for all royalists or other related orders; It would be like attempting to instate George W for an unspecified time as the new representative of the US, it's just never going to happen, so please do not even entertain this thought of Reza Pahlavi being able to muster anything useful for Iranians at large.

    There are obvious reasons why Iranians have a dislike towards his family and much of this is down to his Grandfather and Father's weakness in serving a succession of Western interests at the expense of the indigenous population & culture.

    However it must be noted as a historical fact that his Father, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, although initially put into power by the Westerners, was also brought down by these same powers, who instigated and aided the Islamic Revolution and thereby facilitated, albeit inadvertently, the current regime's rise to power.

    By the end of his reign, whilst in exile in several countries and writing his final books 'Answer to history' and 'The Shah's story' and giving candid TV interviews, he clearly spells out the behind the scene's hidden hand workings.

    At this time, Iran started purging all Western & Monarch entities from the country in a bid to instate a new ideology, an Islamic Revolution, voted for by the people, an ideology inspired by Ayatollah Khomeini.

    The old ideology of Iran being an imperialistic client, monarch dictatorship was over and a new order was in power, the old order fled to Europe & North America establishing bases under the banner 'Iranian's in exile', particularly in Washington, California and France.

    Here they grew old & bitter, their children and children's children took on western eccentricities and finally depression began to set in, as they began to realise they would be neither wanted or accepted by the new generations of Iranians.

    Whilst these 'exiles' were fantasising that one day they would return to their homeland, Iran went through a metamorphosis, it's people suffered yet persevered, seemingly the whole world was against them yet they came out stronger. Iran today is a brave new world, a new ideology which has been a match for the strongest adversary in every regard, be that militarily, politically, ideologically, culturally, technologically or socially.

    Iran today is far from perfect however considering the developments that have been made in such a short space of time (30 years is nothing for a new order to achieve all that Iran's Islamic Revolution has), considering all that's gone against it, from outside superpowers provoking, embargoing and sanctioning it, to internal traitors and terrorists, corrupt politicians and clergy and the general instability of the entire region over the course of this 30 years; From wars instigated against it, monies swindled from it, Empires falling around it, the world media telling lies about it and more wares being waged because of the fear of it!

    Iran stands unique as a nation of over 23 different cultures & creeds in the world today, it's new order although not perfect, sometimes naively yet genuinely work for the betterment of humanity and the majority of it's people.

    This new Iran has had to play with the card's that were left on the table without fully knowing the rules and short stacked and all things considered, it has mostly played some masterful hands that the likes of this new Reza Pahlavi, can only learn once they have been examined at the Institute for Persian Contemporary Historical Studies.

    I am a keen follower of history, having read many books and researched many facts which are often mis-interpreted and revised dependant on what the political leanings of the writer. For all his education and honours, Mohammad Reza (his Father) was not astute enough a tactician to realise what was happening and when he did start to understand, he chose to confront the West without realising, they were his power base. So deluded was his assessment, that it's clearly obvious only a secluded, mis-informed and out of touch individual could make such bad errors in judgement.

    I have also extensively read & researched, this Reza Pahlavi's writings in 'Wind's of change' and 'The Past & The Future' and in comparison to his Father, this Reza is an imbecile and if you were to ask any of the inner circle of Washington's royal 'exiles' they can confirm that Reza does not even posses an ounce of his Father's knowledge, wisdom, wit or character and an even worse judgement.

    This is evident if we studied his relationships such as that between Ahmad Ansari during his 10 year relationship, acting as Pahlavi's fiduciary and basically scamming him out of his 'inheritance', which resulted in Pahlavi filing a suit against Ansari after Ansari had entered a default judgement on behalf of Pahlavi.

    As the story goes "millions were shuffled into the accounts of Ansari's friends and family. When other advisers questioned Ansari, Pahlavi would reply, "No, I trust him." One day, in the wake of the 1987 stock market crash, however, Pahlavi decided to answer the charges once and for all. He went to the vaults of a Geneva bank to look over his papers. He searched the safety deposit box for his financial documents but found none. Then the bank's director asked him to leave, informing the young monarch that Ansari had issued an order forbidding Reza from viewing his own documents. After some investigation, Reza found that his $25 million had been reduced to $27,000." Ansari detailed his exploits in a 1992 kiss-and-tell memoir called Me and the Pahlavis, a must read.

    This has resulted in this Reza becoming a vehicle for other people's ambitions namely the USA, just like his father.

    So how exactly does the son of a failure, who himself is a failure, have anything at all relevant to say to any contemporary Iranians except to blurt out nonsense at every juncture, when Iran is in the headline's, this guy comes out and says he's everything to every Iranian but if you actually studied what he's been saying and doing all these years, it's just populist rhetoric for Western consumption!

  2. Thank you for that wonderful insight Anonymous. It was very welcome and educational.


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