Monday, April 11, 2011

Can Safety Deposit Boxes Be Siezed as an Excuse To Fund the Goverment to Avoid a Complete Shutdown the In Future?

If anyone thinks their money is safe inside the banks safety deposit boxes.If you think the gold is still in Ft Knox?Dream on if you are not going to listen. Recently in California's fiscal woes.They emptied out people's safety deposit boxes to fund the State government's appetite to spend. The most remembered is when FDR singed Executive Order 6102 making possession of gold illegal that was constitutional money and seized people's safety deposit boxes not only stealing gold and silver. Many people's stock and bonds were stolen too.

If anyone wants to keep their valuables like coins in precious metals with stocks and bonds. I say do not get a safety deposit box at the local bank. Buy a safe. Bolt it to the floor in the basement or an obscure part of the house. Your home is a safer place than the bank. keeping your valuable property away from thieves to steal.The safest place is your house. I remember when seeing elderly people carry lots of cash on their person. Why?Because they remembered the Great Depression and never trusted a Bank ever since. Now I understand learning over the years this truth.I can not blame them at all.They were right.'


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