Monday, June 15, 2009

Prince Charles Not Harry’s Real Father; Ex Diana Lover Keeps Silents Because of Death Threats From Royal Family

Prince Harry is the toast of NYC this week. Throngs of folks have lined the streets of Manhattan to greet Britain’s popular prince with open arms. Little do they realize that Harry could soon be stripped of his royal title because he’s not the biological son of Prince Charles, an IUC investigation has revealed.

A longtime employee of Harry’s mother Princess Diana told IUC that the Royal Family was involved in a massive coverup to hide the fact that Diana’s ex lover James Hewitt is the Harry’s real father. According to the source Prince Philip threatened Hewitt’s life if he didn’t go along with the coverup. “They made him lie about the timeline,” the source told IUC. “Prince Philip told Hewitt he would destroy him if it ever leaked out. It’s impossible that Charles is Harry’s real father. Hewitt was on the scene as Diana’s lover two years before Harry was born. Diana stopped having sex with Charles years before Harry was born. Harry looks exactly like Hewitt.”



  1. After the treatment Diana endured from the Royal family, putting up with Charles' relationship with Camilla and their blatant disrespect for her feelings, I find great comfort in knowing that Diana found comfort in the arms of Major James Hewitt. The Royals threatening Hewitt to keep his mouth shut is typical. Ah sweet justice, as Diana looks down from the heavens she gets to witness the royals having to play the game of loving and rearing Harry as one of their own. Long live Prince Harry!

  2. Why did I not think about this before. Amazing how we escape seeing the obvious. Anyway, a small donation is winging its way to you so good luck.

  3. It is obvious to anyone who has eyes.

  4. Well, the Royal Family is damned lucky to have Harry! He's absolutely GORGEOUS, and he's a blessing to them. He's a good son and brother, and it's obvious his Grams loves him. Those people were simply stodgy, old-fashioned, stick-in-the-muds to not appreciate Diana. And frankly, they were clearly JEALOUS of her beauty and authenticity, and popularity with the people of the world. They needed her and they resented her for it.

  5. Authenticity?

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